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The Magic Muffin Diet
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Welcome to The Magic Muffin Diet™ 

The Magic Muffin Diet™ is a simple to follow diet plan. The reason this diet works is because you should never feel hungry. If hunger strikes, grab a muffin. Better yet, grab one before hunger strikes, so you always maintain an even blood sugar level, and you are never frustrated. Here's how it works.

You eat 5 muffins per day.  You can toast or warm them if you like but you don't have to.

The premise of this diet is this - we are no longer counting carbs or protein. We are counting calories. You are eating between 1,000 - 1,200 calories a day which should amount to a substantial weight loss at the end of the week.


Here is a sample of what your day would look like.
» 8:00 am     One muffin for breakfast with your morning coffee
» 10:00 am   Have a fruit as a mid-morning snack
» 12:00 pm   One muffin for lunch with water
» 2:00 pm     One muffin as your afternoon snack
» 4:00 pm     One muffin before dinner to keep your blood sugar level even
» 6:00 pm     Dinner should consist of lean protein and vegetables of your choice. Drink water.
» 8:00 pm     One muffin and one fruit as an after dinner snack
» Always drink when you eat your muffin, the liquid with the fibre will expand in your stomach and make you feel full longer.
» Eat two fruits every day. Limit bananas to one per day.
» Dinner should consist of 6 - 8 oz of lean protein for women and 8 -10 oz for men.
» If you are an avid exerciser, add an extra 3 oz of protein at lunch.
Follow these cooking guidelines;
» Absolutely NO fat used in cooking. You may use cooking spray. Remember the 3 B's, everything must be boiled, broiled and baked. 
» Protein can be anything like chicken (skin removed), fish of any kind or lean meat with fat removed.
» Use fat free salad dressings.
» Absolutely no bread, potatoes, rice or carbs whatsoever. You are getting all your carbs throughout your day with the muffins.
» The use of a daily multivitamin is suggested.  Please consult your Doctor before starting any weight loss program.